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The thoughts and opinions expressed here are never directly reflective of the artists on this label -- but the direct expression of me, Young Mary -- and when otherwise noted, members of my Lionpack and the various guest bloggers I have somehow carnied into joining our beautiful circus.

While the YMR brand has been involved with many artists, brands, and projects over the years -- 2017 marks the year of our first official releases -- I am so proud to be the home of music from Colter Wall, David Vaughn Lindsey, and Justin Payne.   You can read a little more about those guys and their records on our RELEASES page.

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For some context -- As I write this post, I'm sitting in the hotel lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham, England.  I've had myself half of a chocolate croissant this morning and a regrettable cheeseburger (Brits -- can you please get your act together on a damn meat sandwich?) last night.  I'm here because I'm currently on tour with Colter -- who I also manage -- and who is also one of my very best friends.  Colter is playing gigs here with Brent Cobb (brilliant artist from Atlantic: HERE) and John Clay ( brilliant artist in the YMR family: HERE).  Also in our gang are Ash Seiter and Travis Blankenship (found on the LIONPACK page) who are my two pillars of logistics and quite literally keeping this ol' train on the rails.  What I'm getting at is I'll never be the type of label owner (or manager) you can get in touch with by scheduling with a secretary and meeting me in a glass-walled office.   What I'm getting at, part deux : This label isn't for weak shit.   We play hard.  We work hard.  We only fuck with fire.

Don't want to know this much personal shit about me, like what I ate for breakfast?  That's all fine.  Just meander away from the blog and hang out on the RELEASES page or e-swipe that sexy credit card of yours in the STORE.  

Do like feeling as connected to me as I feel to these artists and this cause?  Come back and read blog #2 : Why I Care.  And in the meantime,  follow the YMR Facebook or Instagram.  

And aye, Never Refuse a Muse,

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Posted on May 26, 2017 .