Five Things Thursday // 06.22.17

Come back every Thursday for a little blog gift from Young M of five things that are just plain good and you oughta know about.  Some of them things are gon' be exciting news and happenings over here at YMR / Hillpeople Headquarters -- and some of them are just gon' be exiting news and happenings from out in the massive, wildly-connected world.  Plain and simple.  Let's get to it.

1. Jason Isbell's practically perfect interview on the Daily Show:


It isn't often that my long-winded ass will just say -- "Really, that's all that needs to be said."  But really - that's all that needs to be said.  

And on a personal note -- this interview cleansed my "work" palate this morning and sure was a call-to-action to keep on with the good work ( for myself as an artist and the other artists I work with) just like Mr. Isbell.  

2. The Appalachian treasure Ron Smith and this amazing 10 minute trailer for "My Blue Star" :

Ron Smith - who was first introduced to me as "Kuzzen Wyldweed" - passed away suddenly this week.  He was a true gem and an active member (and one of the most honest, sweet supporters) of the Appalachian arts and music community.  I wrote about Ron on a blog I had many years ago and interviewed him about the film he had been working on about underground hillbilly rock and roller Hasil Adkins.   We became instant friends and have been friends ever since.  In his honor, I just wanted to post this trailer, which is still fascinating and wonderful -- just like Ron was -- and you can see it below:


I will never forget Ron's kindness toward me in some very challenging moments in my life and like so many his friends, family and honestly - fans of his unique, wise commentaries on life- I'll miss him everyday.  

3. Track Preview of David Vaughn Lindsey's EP Next -- Available for Digital Pre-Order tomorrow:

// Cover Art: Connie Collingsworth. // Cover Image: Melissa Stilwell // 

// Cover Art: Connie Collingsworth. // Cover Image: Melissa Stilwell // 

I'm writing a Why I Care post about the oh-so-fuckin-talented-I-can't-stand-it David Vaughn Lindsey soon -- but in the meantime, how's about a little sneak of audio for all y'all that follow along with this blog as a nifty reward?

I am so very proud to be involved -- in any capacity -- in helping David tell this story (which in part, is a story we share) through these touching, melodic songs.  If you put that jam on up there and don't feel somethin' about chronic struggle, self-awareness, and plain ol' fuckin up - then, well -- you just ain't listening.  It's a heavy record carried by a beautiful soul.  And as DVL would say -- that's for real.

4. Justin Payne's Coal Camp project has raised over $2k toward local food banks -- and we ain't done

Huge thanks to Don Duncan and V Club of Huntington, WV for hosting this event (Colter Wall and John Clay supporting this bill) and for all the holler people who came out for this cause as well as all those who have purchased Justin's record.   You can see the whole credits list at the bottom of the "Why I Care" blog HERE --  but I'll tell you I've done more than one "pride cry" about the goodness of the human spirit and the unifying power of music and stories.

Beyond this initial amount, I know Justin has already sold all the physical cd stock I gave him -- and I'm sending another box over Nellis way soon -- so, if you've been sleepin' on it, here's your chance again:


5. Colter Wall's LP Praised as "Top 50 Records of 2017 So Far" by Rolling Stone:

While I ain't the biggest fan of "Year So Far" lists - I am a fan of a list that places Colter's record a stone's throw from Jason Isbell's new one (well, shitfire, this Five Things Thursday just went about full circle, didn't it?).  I am also a fan of a publication with the readership and size of Rolling Stone recognizing and praising a record like the one Colter made in today's music landscape.  Feels pretty good.  But to tell you the truth --I don't need nobody to tell me how good that record is or how good he is.  I've just always known.  

In case you've been sleepin on Colter's record -- or in a coma, really, if you follow along any of my psychotic social media things -- you can do that right hurr:

Google Play:


*BONUS* : Jump on the Handmaid's Tale bandwagon

I tend to think folks who appreciate good music and storytelling (and my readers particularly, you sweet angel darlings, you) also appreciate good pop culture of any kind.  So I'ma try to do an unrelated music bonus each week, too.

If ya ain't watching the Handmaid's Tale -- as my pop culture sponge boyfriend says : Get. In There. On title alone, there is a suggestion this might be a "little house on the prairie" super lady melodrama thing -- don't let it lead you astray.  It's not just some ladies -- it's women, real fuckin' strong ones.  And It's not melodrama, or even drama -- it's stark scary-ass pseudo-reality.  This show is so dark and deep on story alone, but also a chilling commentary on the political climates of the past, the present, and the theoretical future told within a tense, jarring narrative.  Brilliant casting.  Brilliant cinematography. Brilliant writing.  It's great, I tell ya!  

Got something to add?  Love some of this shit, too?  Hate some of this shit?  Comment are open below!  

Or do YOU got a THING that I should know about, but maybe don't?  I'm dangerously curious and not yet jaded -- email me: -- but be forewarned, not yet jaded does not mean not yet opinionated. 

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