Back from the Cave: Updates!

Howdy, friends.

Lengthly post, here.

The cave I crawled into for the holiday season has now closed. I have been shoved back into the light. It was a nice cave. There was HBO in there, a velvet Nate Berkus comforter set and an almost endless supply of crab rangoon and lo mein.

But it's real nice out here. So, hey howdy!







Photo by: Melissa Stilwell

Photo by: Melissa Stilwell

2017 was (obviously) crazy for Colter Wall. Everyone knows I've forever been his biggest fan -- so, maybe I'll be more like him (simple and to the point) in this post and not wax on about him. I'm proud of him. He worked really hard.  He toured his ass off.  And he wrote even more brilliant fuckin songs.  'Nuf said.

But our YMR TEAM?  That's who deserves some waxing on about. They worked HARD -- particularly Travis Blankenship (who spent most of his year on the road: driving, brewing throat coat tea, twisting arms, shaking hands, tirelessly accounting) -- alongside Colter) and Connie Collingsworth (who spent most of her year running between a printer, a copy machine, a mac, Fedex and a never-ending back and forth of boxes. These are two people that took time away from their personal goals and personal lives for us.  That's real shit.

While I believe that Colter's music would reach people and touch people if he was being managed by a plastic palm tree, I am grateful everyday that I get the opportunity and that the people we have with us (said in my best Tony Soprano, "on the INSIDE, in da family") are people that care like we care.

To a 2018 that leaves us even more fulfilled and exhausted than 2017!

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 2.54.55 PM.png

You can roll over to Colter's website and check out his 2018 WORLD TOUR -- which kicks off this month after a SOLD OUT one-off show with John Moreland right here in my beautiful home state!   Come see us!  TOUR DATES are : HERE

(PS.  I have a ton more to say about our team, about Nashville, about Thirty Tigers, Paradigm Talent Agency, about Dave Cobb and RCA Studio, about that entire landscape and its value --  which I edited out from this blog to put in a blog of its own.,  COMIN SOON.)


Photo by: Melissa Stilwell

Photo by: Melissa Stilwell

Taking on a management client is serious shit to me. 

I love music -- hell,  I love musicians.   I have very real friendships with many artists -- saying i love them isn't hyperbole.  I do!  I have a gazillion projects I want to do in 2018 with a diverse range of artists.  But management.  Management. Lord, I'm sighing even typing about it.  Management for me is only on the table with an artist if all the checks are checked in my neurotic self-curated management checklist.  Ian -- like Colter before him -- checked every box.

For those of you who have somehow skirted around my relentless pushing of Ian on social media as we get that train a-rollin -- He is a Beattyville, KY native with an impressive pile of songs (to say he went to the school of Prine, Dylan, Young, Merle and Tom T. Hall would be an understatement) and each tune is carried on his distinct voice.  It's not good shit.  It's great shit. It's fire.  And ya know me and my mantra -- We only fuck with fire. 

Ian has a four-song EP, Off this Mountaintop, available now.  You can get it with a quickness: on itunes: HERE , on google play: HERE or grab a physical cd directly from us: HERE.   

Ian will be joining Colter in support in Europe starting in Milan on January 30.  Tour dates: HERE.


Our YMR CO Official T-Shirts are in the webstore now!  Just sayin'  -- they rule.  Click to order!

Our YMR CO Official T-Shirts are in the webstore now!  Just sayin'  -- they rule.  Click to order!

In 2017, YMR Co. had our first ever releases!  Woo wee!  We released an EP on Appalachian coal miner / badass Justin Dean Payne and an EP on R&B southern crooner / badass David Vaughn Lindsey.  

I said it before and I'll say it again -- I couldn't be more thrilled for these two humans to be my inaugural indie label releases.  Both Lindsey and Payne are writing -- and  before I use this term, please erase all the window dressing that has been put on it -- real music about real life.   

Have you been sleeping on those?  Don't be a dummy.  Get 'em both in our webstore: HERE

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.17.33 PM.png

And while we're on the topic of badasses  --  Our boy Justin Payne is featured in the upcoming documentary, "The Unknown Tour" -- an incredible film about underground artists produced by my friends Billy & Jimmet.   Spoiler: I just saw the rough cut and it 'bout drove me to tears with pride.  Will keep y'all posted when it's officially released!

As for 2018?  What's coming down the pike, release-wise?  Gotta lotta stuff in my backpocket, front pocket, side pockets, up my sleeves, hell -- I might have a rabbit to pull out of an upturned top hat.   You got a musician I should hear?  Are you one?  Gonna have an open submissions period, soon -- where everyone gets a reply  -- wait for the announcement!  


* leads you down dark hallway*

* comes to a heavy red curtain *

* cue overzealous hand gestures *

"and behind this curtain, THERE's MOREEEEEE."

*flails back curtain to reveal a single empty chair at the end of a long buffet-style table completely piled with messy stacks of paper*

That's all I can really say about it.  Really.  Sure, I'm being coy -- but I'm also being honest.  I'll tell ya when I can tell ya!  Let's just put it succinctly -- I've been working on several other projects/goal that are personal to me and I hope (with some new partnerships) to talk about them soon.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.21.23 PM.png

But in the meantime, you can follow me (and our gang) day-to-day via

ye olde instagram (your best bet) : HERE

ye olde Facebook (where I use less cuss words) : HERE

ye olde Twitter (where i mostly complain to airlines) : HERE.

And last, but certainly not least -- thank you for reading the first long-winded post of 2018 here at the YMR blog. So many of you fine folks have supported this very personall journey of mine -- you've bought the official YMR shirt, bought every record we've put out or even mentioned with praise or endorsed, you've left honest feedback to my queries, you've been positively present in my life -- and that is so special to me.  I know I hammer my mantra of #neverrefuseamuse -- but to each of you following along these very words right now --  you're my most important muse of all.  I can't wait to tell you about it all as we kick 2018 square in the teeth.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.32.23 PM.png







Posted on January 9, 2018 .